Burning Man photos

One of the OKNOTOK Burners made a photo essay of their trail magic. She found my address via google and passed along the link. I went to sleep before the real art kicked in, but how awesome is this?


It really makes me want to go to Burning Man, even though you only ever see 10% of what’s there.

Thank you, OKNOTOK! What a great night that was.


3 thoughts on “Burning Man photos

  1. GOOD GOLLY!!!!! Those photos were awesome!!! And some really nice poeple! I’m so glad you had a good day L. I did, too finally! My bloodworks came back and I am hypothyroid. Thank the gods. he he I have been feeling so shit. Now I know why. I thought I was just depressed or something. Yay! My energy will be back soon. Meds start tomorrow. Fake thyroid juice. Cool. Go Karma!!!!!! MTFBWY


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