T minus 2. Have we done all this before?

Well… my home internet gets shut down this afternoon. You can’t get more real than that! 🙂

Today’s the last day before I travel. The ducks aren’t in a row. They’re whirling like dervishes, dancing, poking, pecking. Happy, crazy, nervous ducks! But they’re all in the same place, anyway. The house is mostly ready. The yard is mostly ready. The car is mostly ready. Today it’s laundry — all of it — and yard work, and cleaning. And giving up my router. And enjoying my last shower — or maybe two. Because I can. Because there’s nothing I miss on the trail so much as just taking a shower at will. And wearing cotton. And sleeping in a cozy bed.

The weather’s looking brilliant on Wednesday — although it’s going to be hot (I’m seeing forecasts of 82 to 85 degrees). That’ll be a nice challenge. My biggest worry is my feet. And my shoulders. And the airport. And extreme jet lag and exhaustion. But it’ll go the way it goes — and as usual on the trail, plans and lists become so much kindling. I’m anticipating that something wonderful will happen on Wednesday, something I could never have foreseen. Maybe even several somethings wonderful. I’m expecting to shed a tear or two once my feet hit the dirt again and the trail ribbons out in front of me. It’s been so long! Gah. I want to get on my knees and kiss the dirt.

And that’s that! With the internet situation, I probably won’t be posting again (or only lightly) until maybe Warner Springs (mile 109) in about a week. But I might cheat and post a little. We’ll see. I really don’t know how the posting is going to go. I love putting the journal out there day by day, but it takes a lot of time and battery juice, and after a while it gets boring for people to read the same thing every day. So the journal will be a work in progress.

Everything about this adventure feels fresh. And… I kind of love that.